About Us

The Royal Queensland Art Society Inc.

It all started in 1888. A handful of dedicated Brisbane artists got together to display their paintings. Those five or six artists were the leading artists of the day. They were called the ‘Queensland Art Society’ and in those days, it wasn’t easy to even find a space to hang their work. Times were tough. But membership grew.

Prestige came in the 1890’s. Sir Samuel Griffith became the QAS President; he also became the Premier of Queensland. His name lives on in Griffith University.

Royal recognition came in 1926. The ‘Royal’ prefix was bestowed by King GeorgeV.

King George V

It was the Society’s 38th year when the secretary received the letter stating, “….His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve of the use of this prefix by the Society.” The ‘Royal’ Queensland Art Society was born. The RQAS went on to form the backbone of the Queensland art community and started the impetus for what eventually became the State Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane.

“Under the Jacaranda” 1903. R. Godfrey Rivers. Early RQAS member. One of Queensland’s most famous paintings. Sold for 100 guineas.


Exhibiting with the RQAS in a palatial, purpose-built gallery in a lovely park location facing the beach at Broadbeach, members exhibit their paintings each month and if selected, enjoy the distinction of being hung with other top quality work in the main gallery.

This selection process is operated within an Artists Co-op and for a small fee is supported by advertising to help generate better sales of paintings. Every month many paintings are sold to local and overseas buyers.

Fun and experience of lessons at professional artists classes and workshops. The Society welcomes visitors to browse and encourages artists to become members.

The pride and prestige of belonging to a dedicated art society is as strong today as it ever was .

Our Constitution

To view click on the following link: Constitution-RQASGoldCoast

Some benefits of membership:

  • A first class gallery to display members’ work.
  • Sales are actively pursued with a low 20% commission.
  • Artists Co-op provides advertising to help painting sales
  • An informative newsletter which highlights art activities-
  • A great venue for ‘leading-artists’ workshops.
  • Art lessons in the gallery studio for a variety of mediums.
  •  Social gatherings with other artists on a regular basis.


  • Plein Air Painting expeditions once a month to Gold Coast Scenic Vistas.
  •  “CATSWINGERS CLUB” upstairs every Friday. For $5 you can enjoy a day of painting with other members, where everybody helps each other. Bring your own lunch.
  •  MEMBERS EXHIBITIONS change monthly. All paintings, cards, ceramics, etc are FOR SALE at very reasonable prices.
  •  GALLERY HIRE – We do have times when Gallery space is available for hire.
  •  Also space for hanging upstairs, weekends or weekly all at very reasonable rates. Please contact us.
  • Members can also hire the end Gallery wall for solo exhibitions.
  •  VISITORS are very welcome.
  • Gallery is open every day. FREE ADMISSION
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