CORKE, Louise

CORKE, Louise
Artist Statement

For me the making of art is a direct emotional response to my experiences.  I have found my voice and I express myself through my artwork as if I were a dancer on a stage.
The dance I perform is pure gestural expression.  I marry my heart to my hand and together they speak visual music. Sometimes the beauty, colours and light play are overwhelming and I am forced to blurt the information onto the surface in quick strokes saying just enough about how I am feeling towards my subject rather than telling what my subject looks like. At other times I linger and drink in all that I perceive and gently caress the painting surface with delicate information out of pure respect and amazement.
The dance on the surface is always unique, rhythmic yes, but not contrived. It has to be genuine, it has to express my inner most responses, and it has to be mine and mine alone.
Though I dance alone I dance for others to enjoy so they too can palpate the emotions of the visual music.

Teaching Experience:

I began teaching while just a teenager to the children at our local church.  Later I trained as a teacher and taught at the Primary School level.  Since the late nineties I have been teaching adults in the area of fine art. This is a most enjoyable vocation to me and just a natural part of my life. I have taught local, interstate and international workshops on many occasions (well over 50) as well as operating my own regular classes from my studio on the Gold Coast. Tutoring classes at RQAS form an important part of my teaching program.

Education:                  Diploma of Teaching Primary 1976

Art Studies:                My art studies have been with Dale Crabtree (a Victorian artist) for several years and then with a number of high profile tutors in a workshop setting.
My studies include a scholarship with the Pastel Society of America and International Tutors in Paris and USA encompassing:
Gwenneth Barth, Claude Texier, Richard McDaniel, Richard Poink, Maceo Mitchell, Flora Giffuni, Jason Chang, Suzanne Young,
Charles Gottlieb, Doug Dawson, Duane Wakeham, Jack Pardue, Sam Goodsell, Clayton Beck and several others. I have also studied under Robert Hannaford.

Achievements:          Awarded Master Pastellist Status Pastel Society of Australia Inc. March 2004

Exhibitions:                I have exhibited in over 20 exhibitions since 2001 – 4 solos, 15 group and 2 joint
In addition I have exhibited regularly in competitions most years since 1995.
Eight of these have included International Exhibitions in the USA, China and France.

Art Prizes:                    I have accumulated over 50 awards in the field of pastel and portraiture, including:
Pastellist of the Year 2007
The Grand Pastel Prize Art Spectrum 2010 and Champion Portrait RNA 2011. Two awards have been in the International Arena.

Commissions:             Private commissions – portraits, still life, landscape 1994, 1999, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012

Collections:                  Private and Public Collections Australia and Private Collections Japan and USA

Community Involvement:  Extensive involvement with the Pastel Society of Australia Inc. and RQAS since 2002   Community Art Teacher 2001 – 2013 and current,  

Electronic Media:     Showcased at                                                              

Publications:              Represented in over 15 publications, both books and magazines 2004 -2012

Memberships:           Pastel Society of Australia Inc., Royal Queensland Art Society GC, Women’s Art Registry Australia

Galleries:                   Watling Galleries, Southport 2000 – 2010, Scattered Arts, Camp Hill Brisbane – 2008- 2009, RQAS Gallery Gold Coast – current