PHILLIPS, Jennifer

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Jennifer Phillips

As a child Jennifer loved making Art. She won prizes for her art and had her Art work published.

In 1969 she moved from New Zealand to Australia and achieved the highest possible marks for the State Secondary School Art exams and exhibited and sold her work.

In her early teens she was recognised and honoured as a youth leader, promising writer, gifted artist and QLD state secondary school champion athlete. At the age of 17 she returned to New Zealand.

In 1973 she was sponsored to attend the Canterbury Arts Workshop for the potentially most gifted secondary art students.

She completed 3 years at Teachers College majoring in Art for which she received the grade of “Outstanding” each year.  She spent fifteen years as a preacher in the Methodist church of New Zealand, and started a Christian pre-school. In 2000 she graduated in the top 5% with a degree in Education and emigrated to Australia.  While teaching IT, she completed a range of studies including an IT Diploma in multimedia integration and a certificate in screen.

In 2004 she published her 5th book and made her first piece of digital art. In 2006 she was awarded a Diploma of Excellence (Honorable award) in the Realtime Juried Online Global Art Annual Award, had her first solo digital Art exhibition, won the “People’s Choice Award” at the “Art Views in the Hills” exhibition in Wanniassa and began selling her limited edition prints to an overseas market through one of her online galleries.

In 2010 she was awarded the Victoria Gibbons Memorial Prize for academic excellence in Church History, part of a Graduate Diploma of Theology, which she has since completed. To date Jennifer has published 8 books on different topics, using her art skills to design the covers. Another of her book covers is on an award winning novel. She has been a member of number of art groups and other voluntary groups including the Australian Federation of Graduate Women, where she has been a branch president and still is a committee member.

She is Internationally known for her unique forms of poetry including her visual poetry and word art, which bridges the gap between the word and visual art.