Painter of places in the style of expressive realism in Pastel & Oil.
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Come stand with me at my easel…

Experience what I see and feel as I paint…

  •  Time stands still as I immerse myself in the world of creating shapes, lines, dark, light, and the relationships of colours.
  •  Listening to music I have carefully chosen for the specific subject at hand helps me in the process. This auditory experience turns into visual and the two merge into one. The principles and words to describe music apply also to painting. I feel the harmony and rhythm of a good composition, the surging energy and restful quietness, the foreboding tones of darkness and the merriment of fresh and bold colours. There might be an ethereal hum of blurred edges and mere suggestions, the flute-like solo of a delicate line or the drum of repeated shapes and textures.
  • Like music, what makes a landscape memorable is the existence of a special or sweet spot, a focal point that gives the composition a theme and meaning.
  • Design, texture, tone and colour, all these elements combined in a skillful way make looking at a painting something more than a visual experience.
  • I aim to bypass conscious thought, dip into emotion, the subconscious and the spiritual.
  • Forgetting myself I feel part of and a deep connection to all things.
  • The result is a sense of profound peace, satisfaction and happiness.
  • I long to reconnect mankind back to nature and this state of being.
  • Painting is my chosen medium of communication. It is immediate and lasting, a universal language that speaks to all people with layers of meaning.