Membership Information

RQAS has an Exhibition Gallery as well as tutored classes and workshops.

The RQAS GC monthly Newsletter is emailed to members and can be found on this website.

Renewal of membership is due on 1 January of each year.

RQAS is proudly run by volunteers and encourages its members to become actively involved to help contribute to the success of the Society.

The RQAS GC is sharing their art with the community to foster appreciation of art through exhibitions and workshops.


Committee Members
for 2023-2024


Executive Committee

Ruth McPhail
Vice President
Bill Rees
Red & East
Wall Hire
Angela McClavey
Effi Mouzakitis


Johanna Sampson Small art, Shelving and Plinths
(also Sandra DeLeacy)
Michael Hooper
Jacques Meunier
Alison Fielding-Price Workshops & Tutors
Tracey Adolphe

Non Committee

Eli Sky Newsletter Newsletter
Lesley Warren Website
Gabrielle Vining Social Media (Facebook
& Instagram)
Belinda Bradshaw Office Coordinator

Our Constitution:
To view click on the following link: Constitution-RQAS Gold Coast


The Royal Queensland Art Society Gold Coast (RQAS) is an interactive and vibrant arts organisation in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.

Members exhibit their paintings each month in a purpose-built gallery in a lovely park location facing the beach at Broadbeach.

The Society welcomes visitors to browse and encourages artists to become members.  Every month many paintings are sold to local and overseas buyers.

The pride and prestige of belonging to a dedicated art society is as strong today as it ever was.