MANNS, Leanne

As a Gold Coast artist, I am blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and inspiration for my artwork is never far.

In earlier years raising 4 sons, creating gardens, dabbling in pottery and designing children’s clothing, kept me busy. It is only in the past thirteen years that I have been able to take my art more seriously and devote quality time to painting.

These days,my camera and sketchbook are always with me on long walks and are used to capture those special moments that are later used as reference.

Over the years my style has changed, however I have always been drawn to the coastal bushland, the inland waterways, the wide beaches and the ever-changing ocean and skies. The coastal bush my liminal space contains a myriad of patterns, created from light and shadows. I have always been fascinated by these patterns and this is constant in my work.

My paintings develop as an emotional response to nature. Using the environment as my motivation, I am able to show my love and connection for the landscape. I hope that my art is calming to the sound is a reminder of how precious and fragile our natural world is.