HENRY, Matthew

SPAWN (Matthew J. Henry)

Spawned by human parents in Brisbane, Australia and residing in Labrador on the Gold Coast,

  • * Spawn is an undiagnosed self-taught artist.
  • * Spawn infiltrates as many mediums as possible.
  • * Spawn the persona has completely dominated Matthews id & ego for many years now and is as mysterious and elusive as it is cunning and primal.
  • * The artists handle was originally created to mask Matthews unfiltered Aspergers and ADHD but now personifies all the principles that govern him.
  • * Works are a mix of dark brooding, reaches into shock & gore, adding a slight imbalance of cutesy then mixed with inappropriate comedy.
  • * Spawn currently teaches at his Labrador studio, Heart2art and the Royal Queensland Art Society. Spawn is not an artist, “Art is Spawn”.

Membership & Awards

  • * Spawn is a member of the Gold Coast School of Art
  • * Has received a “Highly Commended” Rotary Award from the Gold Coast Show in 2022.
  • * Most of Spawns pragmatic creativity has gone by undocumented.


  • * Spawn is skilled with pencil & ink
  • * Dabbles with charcoal, pastels, colour, acrylics, oils,watercolour, spray-paint, pottery, etching, calligraphy, sculpting and theatre mask making.
  • * Other platforms include digital art, comics, stickers, short stories, game programming, app making, music, screen-printing and merchandise.

Fun Fact
We all have two lives, the moment you begin your second life, you realise the whole time you only ever had one.