LADLEY, David

About the artist.

Since moving to the Gold Coast permanently 12 years ago, David has been doing paintings with the beach theme in many forms. Many have featured the iconic surf towers.  Even thought the yellow topped towers are all the same, the trick is to make each painting different within its local setting.

Many of these paintings have found their way into homes throughout Australia and overseas.

After completing a business career as creative director of an advertising agency, he now concentrates solely on painting. He’s painted in USA, England, and New Zealand and of course around Australia. He’s a former President of Royal Queensland Art Society Gold Coast.


He was born in England where the colours scheme is largely three colours; light gray, medium gray and dark gray.  So it’s not surprising that when he moved from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, painting dazzling blues skies, blue-green ocean and warm beaches seemed the obvious thing to do. And all the things that go with beaches.


He and his wife travell to many parts of the world sketching and painting. A short while ago they were in Morocco, riding through theSahara desert at dawn on camels. David produced a few paintings after that trip and a month later got a call from a woman who had also just come back from Morocco and she wanted to commission a painting of the Atlas Mountains. It’s always surprising how painting can lead to new friends.


Last month I received a great Christmas present when a leading Gold Coast medical specialist bought nine paintings for his consultation rooms.


He is currently working on a large sized commission for people from Holland, they come to Australia every year and it’s their fourth commission.  It’s always good to be busy!